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Suspect Arrested: ‘Suspicious Toilet’ with Note Found at Americana mall in Glendale

Thursday night, a “Suspicious Toilet” with a note indicating that it was a bomb was discovered at the Americana Mall in Glendale.

‘Suspicious Toilet’ with Note Found at Americana Mall

Glendale police said the incident was first reported at 8 p.m. Officers discovered the painted toilet at the mall’s shopping center about 50 feet from the AMC Theater. According to authorities, the toilet was accompanied by a message warning that it might be a bomb.

Later, a police drone could be seen flying above the bathroom to look inside. Later, a bomb squad team walked up to the toilet and set up a drone machine to take a closer look at any potential contents.


Two bomb squad members approached the toilet and carefully examined it, removing the tank cover and seat after the scans showed no anomalies. The space was cleared out and nothing seems to have been found within.

Soon after 10 o’clock,  police had taken the suspect into custody inside a home in Burbank. Officers are currently questioning the individual to determine why he left a suspicious toilet at the mall. The individual’s identity and possible motivation were not immediately known. The suspect’s motivation for making the bomb threat is still unknown. Investigations into the incident are still ongoing.

The white toilet had a variety of street art-inspired designs painted on it in red, yellow, and other colors.
The phrase “Beautification in progress” was shown on a digital sign that was propped up on a stand close to the restroom, but it was unclear whether the sign was referring to the restroom specifically or to other work taking place at the Americana.



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