‘The Golden Bachelor’ Cast Revealed: Meet the 22 women who will date Gerry Turner

The women from “The Golden Bachelor” have been revealed. The show Golden Bachelor begins on Sept. 28 on ABC. Every single one of them is older than 60.

Golden Bachelor Cast
Golden Bachelor Cast | ABC

Ever since the announcement of the show, Fans and reviewers have been speculating about whether the female competitors on “The Golden Bachelor” would be, well, age-appropriate for the show’s elderly lead. Or, would producers cast women from a different generation to date Gerry Turner, the actor, who is 72 years old?

Now that the matter has been solved, it can be seen that these women truly exhibit wonderful maturity, proving that age is just a number.

Love knows no bounds, and “The Golden Bachelor” will present love stories for those in their golden years, which is uncommon in Hollywood, a notoriously ageist town.



When the first season of The Golden Bachelor airs next month, 22 women will be fighting for the heart of Gerry Turner, the first Golden Bachelor, according to an ABC announcement made on Wednesday.

The majority of the ladies are divorced, retired, and have grown-up children and grandchildren. The group includes a fitness instructor, a former Chicago Honey Bears NFL cheerleader, a wedding officiant, a couple of educators, a therapist, a dental hygienist, and a woman who describes herself as a “pro-aging coach and midlife speaker.” Patty, the mother of Matt James, a participant in “The Bachelor” Season 25, may be recognizable to franchise fans.

Gerry-turner | The Golden Bachelor
ABC | Gerry Turner | The Golden Bachelor

The “The Golden Bachelor” star Gerry Turner is a widower with two daughters and two granddaughters. After 43 years of marriage to his high school sweetheart Toni and a happy life together, she unexpectedly fell ill in 2017. Six years after her passing, Turner is now prepared to find love once more, although on reality television.

Turner stated on Good Morning America last month, “For a while it was like, I was having a hard time figuring out if she would be okay [with this].” But we’ve always made it clear to one another that we want the other to be happy when we part ways. She is supporting me from above. She is saying, “Yeah, Gerry.” Do this.

Jenny and Angie, Toni and Turner’s daughters signed him up for the show. The widower is aware that he can never again find love as special as his first with Toni.


“Golden Bachelor” Cast:

Theresa, 69

Theresa characterizes herself as upbeat, motivating, and prepared to fall in love after a loss. In this new chapter of her life, she wishes to find a companion who will be her greatest friend and cherish all the tiny moments with her. She describes herself as a New Jersey native who “loves ’70s rock, both soft and hard.

Sylvia, 64

Sylvia is an absolute badass. She has established a very successful career, but she is prepared to change focus and devote more time to improving herself. Sylvia has always wanted to get married and is looking for a man who has a romantic heart and is a good listener. This public relations professional from Los Angeles “loves any excuse to put on a costume” and “enjoys lifting small weights.”

Susan, 66

Susan is reliable and compassionate and has worked as a hair and cosmetics artist for many years. To top it all off, she is an excellent golfer. Susan is aware of the qualities she values in a man, and she hopes Gerry is active, humorous, and trustworthy.

Sandra, 75

Sandra is excited to meet the right person. Her ideal partner is charming, considerate, and wise, and she hopes he is ready to see the globe with her. She doesn’t appear a day older than 60. She says she’s “very proud of her high credit score,” and she doesn’t have a favorite NFL team because she loves them all equally, which is really sweet.

Renee, 67

Renee’s breathtaking beauty is only a small part of her narrative; she is also a loving mother and grandma. From being a former NFL cheerleader to writing two books, Renee has really done it all and is ready to meet the love of her life. She wants to meet Harry Styles.

Peggy, 69

Peggy is a dental hygienist who has devoted her life to serving others and always putting them before herself. She is prepared to find someone with whom to continue checking items off her bucket list and hopes to return home with Gerry by her side.

Patty, 70

Patty is prepared for her chance to find love. Patty may be best known as the mother of Matt James, a former bachelor, but this matriarch is eager for her opportunity at a wonderful love story. Patty has been single for about 30 years; she has an open heart and longs to find someone to share her optimism and zest for life with.

Pamela, 75

Pamela cherishes the time she gets to spend with her three grandkids and her two children at this stage of life. She is a great listener and hopeless romantic as described by her family and friends.

Natascha, 60

Natascha is a passionate, energetic woman who is prepared to meet The One. She is seeking a passionate, physically fit, and emotionally open man to be her life partner. Natasha enjoys dancing, yoga, Janet Jackson music, and spending time with her 15-year-old granddaughter.

Nancy, 60

Nancy is prepared to experience the love that she lavishes on so many people. The retired interior designer enjoys watching college basketball, strolling her Goldendoodle, Max, and playing golf.

Marina, 60

Strong, kind, and cool all meld together to make Marina the ideal person. She has visited more than 34 nations. Marina hopes that our Golden Bachelor will be her ideal match as she searches for her lifelong travel companion.

Maria, 60

Maria, a hopeless romantic, is seeking a good-natured, humorous, and self-reliant man who is prepared for “a love adventure.” She enjoys playing tennis, pickleball and board games when she isn’t working.

Leslie, 64

Most people probably know Leslie best as a former competitive figure skater. Leslie is prepared to risk everything in the pursuit of love in order to find a real man who will enhance her life.

Kathy, 70

In her previous job as an educational consultant, Kathy assisted students in submitting their college applications. Nothing would make her happier than to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey in search of a life-altering love.

Joan, 60

Joan has four children and two grandchildren. After losing her spouse of 32 years to pancreatic cancer, Joan is searching for new love. she is proud of herself as she started a new career in this phase of life. she is all set in looking for a family man.

Jeanie, 65

Jeanie is a hopeless romantic seeking a companion to enjoy all of life’s joys. Jeanie places a high value on giving back to her community. She likes to help people and animals.

Faith, 60

Faith is a fun thrill-seeker who has crossed off many items on her bucket list, like riding a motorcycle, getting a tattoo, and diving with sharks, but she is still looking for someone to share the highs and lows of life with.

Ellen, 71

Ellen is a kind person who also has a sharp mind and a fantastic sense of humor. She enjoys playing pickleball, golf, and card games with her two sons. She hopes to grow old with the man of her dreams.

Edith, 60

Edith is quite proud of starting her own business later in life and works as a realtor. Since Edith despises dating applications, she is excited about this opportunity to meet the Golden Bachelor.

Christina, 73

Christina is a kind woman who is eager to fall in love. She claims to be happier than she has ever been and is looking for a companion for her golden years.

April, 65

April is prepared to ride off into the distance with our Golden Bachelor. With her enthusiasm for life, humorous demeanor, and incredibly tight family, it’s simple to understand what makes April an excellent catch.

Anna, 61

Anna is a retired nutritionist who loves dark chocolate, especially “lava cakes”. she traveled to over 20 countries and looking for her travel partner for life.

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