KAWS & UNIQLO Reunion 2023: All Set for Collaboration

KAWS & UNIQLO Reunion is indeed happening. The exclusive collection by Kaws X Uniqlo will be released on September 7, 2023.


A new collection of UT T-shirts created in partnership with KAWS and UNIQLO will be released on 7 September 2023 at the same time as the definitive KAWS art book. On August 23, the companies announced their partnership on their respective social media pages for UNIQLO & KAWS. 

Uniqlo shared an Instagram post stating “New Project. Coming soon.”

The KAWS & UNIQLO Reunion will undoubtedly ignite the market (with sales) and create mile-long lines of excited fans waiting to get their hands on T-shirts and sweatshirts featuring the artist’s iconic COMPANION and BFF figures. Along with the collaboration, a joint KAWS Phaidon book is being released at UNIQLO.


In 2019, a collaboration between KAWS and UNIQLO led to Black Friday-style fights among Chinese consumers, which were documented in a number of popular social media videos. In the U.S. and Europe, the collecting dropped.

KAWS x Uniqlo collaboration
Customers crowd at a Uniqlo store to buy the KAWS x Uniqlo collection in the year 2019.

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